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Just setting up a blog ain’t enough. Simply writing the articles ain’t enough. The biggest aspect is raking in truckloads of money as a blogger. The question that arises would be whether your blog monetized? That’s the revenue you get for putting in the hard work. C’mon, you deserve it.

There are 3 money-making secrets which are helpful as a blogger:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Display advertising (banner advertising)
  3. Sponsored content

Affiliate Marketing certainly ranks on top for obvious reasons. Though you can get some advertisers but Google tops the list because you’d find satisfactory results from the top search giant, so you’ll never need to think twice.

Though there are some who get lucky making money through their blog but a few go through the daily grind. When you have learnt all the necessary tools and information, don’t give up on the journey midway.    

  1. Your persona matters to readers

Every digital marketer would agree that any social media presence is incomplete without revealing on iota of your personality. Readers are interested in exploring the mastermind behind the successful SEO Blog to know more about his/her personality. Getting to know the blogger helps in connecting the dots with the write-ups.   

  1. No marketplace

     Any professional SEO expert or content marketer can tell you that the bigger your marketplace is, the bigger amount of revenue you earn. That’s simply because your earnings come from a marketplace. Join a popular membership platform with active users when you start blogging. It not only helps in promoting your content but also increasing the outreach amid the audience. While building your focus on SEO, it always pays back to connect with the contemporary bloggers, making a following on social media and networking with professionals in the digital marketing world.

  1. No promotions of products with experience

It is a proven fact that affiliate marketing brings in your income, promoting the products you have used is another way of generating more revenue. This allows sharing of results and experience with the readers.

You can notice quite exhilarating results while using digital products, for example, plug-ins (like commentluv), themes, web hosting, platforms. When the audience observes you’re good at something, they are keen to learn the drill too. Once you show the readers this important piece of information, this should usher in more profits.     

  1. Don’t focus on the wrong models


The best advice someone would give you is to follow your heart and never go after the herd. That’s because the SEO or Google Adsense trick that worked for the, might not work for you. Figure out what suits your brand, understand the target audience and covering an amalgamation of SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing; you can accelerate your blog to newer heights.


  1. Money isn’t everything, audience is

Don’t get blinded by the lure of earning big bucks and ignoring the products you need to promote. However, also bear in mind the demographic and audience to keep your blog booming. Often times, all you need to do is perform a survey on your blog to attain specific knowledge that builds a connection with readers.    

Writing blogs constantly without yielding a fruitful outcome can be annoying. By following the above measures, you can figure out if you need to switch your strategy from monotonous to exciting or not. These were some of the tried and tested methods to earn revenue from your most prized blogs without going through the hassle of struggling everyday.

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