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Understanding Google Discover

Google Discover is the renewed version of the Google Feed. It’s a new feature on Google’s app which gives suggestions to people based on your recent Google searches or even without it. It implies that Google will keep improving the feature with increased usage and offer enhanced user experience.

Discover provides recommendations of various types of content that may be inclusive of news, astrology, beauty, fashion, evergreen content and the like.  However, it primarily focuses on visual content like videos, images because it is 40% more convincing.   

Google News vs. Google Discover

Google News shows results based on your last searches, content and global trending stories that fascinate you. While Google Discover customizes the content materials based on your interest and also shows results that excite you. Now you see the difference.

The best part is that Google Discover is crucial for your SEO and Content strategy.  Why? Because your primary goal is to enhance visibility and increase web traffic to your website landing pages, blog, products and services page. This is where Discover comes to your rescue. Google Discover allows you to stay updated with latest topics that hold significance to you.

Let’s tell you how to personalize Google Discover Feed.

5 Ways to can optimize Google Discover Content

  1. Create Awesome Content

Content is everything for creating a brand name in the market. Well-written write-ups can increase your market value and build a connection with the audience. Based on your website's requirements, penning down content which is informative or entertaining can keep the visitors glued. Writing SEO-friendly content in high quality can also up your chances of being featured on Google Discover.

  1. Optimizing websites for Google AMPs

Smoothing out edges of your website and making it SEO-ready would spell magic for your business. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages were made for speeding up the loading of pages. The quicker your web pages load, it leads to user satisfaction. Moreover, it increases your chances to be featured on Google Discover.

  1. Using best-quality visuals

It goes without saying that engaging visual content appeals to more people. It often leads to conversions. It is proved that 80% of users are drawn and more responsive to visual content than text. Therefore, using images, videos, or infographics can help optimize your Google Discover.  

  1. Follow tried and tested SEO strategies


For starters, you’ll need to speed up your website. Subsequently, make sure that your website or blog is mobile-responsive. Most people use the web through their mobile devices; it is important to make it mobile-friendly.  Lastly, you need to secure your website with a secure socket layer certificate (SSL). Google changes your URL from HTTP to HTTPS by attaining the SSL certificate.


  1. Ask for a follow on Google Discover


You can tell your loved ones to follow you on Google Discover. Getting more followers will increase your credibility and get your website or blog to appear on top or at least feature on Google Discover. Google will notify them each time there is new content on your platform.  


  1. Comply with Google’s content publishing rules

Google has said that it is important to conform to their blog content publishing terms and policy if you want to feature on Discover feed. It implies that your content material must comply with Google News Guidelines as well as Google Webmaster Guidelines.


Make the most of Google Discover now that you know the tricks of the trade. Enjoy customizing your Discover feed and enjoy the interesting set of stories featured on the optimized page.

You must bear in mind to keep your content unique from your rivals, this will be your chance to be visible on top results. Ergo, create high quality content and make improved user experience a priority.   


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