Current scenario belongs to a cutthroat market where competition is at a high range. According to statistics and Google survey, it will increase more in coming years and possibly Smartphone users are predicted to grow from 4.61 billion users in 2016 to 4.77 billion users in 2017. Mobile App Development will grow with new dimension where latest and modern technology will be used. We at ADV SOFT LLC design and develop all kind of Mobile Application on the different platform with customization and according to the need of customers.

We are in the high-tech modern era where technology is improving in almost every next day and every now and then a new app on a different platform appearing in the market. To compete with market ADV SOFT LLC provides the best mobile application based on new and advanced technology. We are mentioning some of the technology or platform over here:

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid App development is the future of next generation where ionic, Angular JS, Phone Gap, Cordova, are few names of new platform technologies that will work in the coming future to design and development Mobile applications.

Google is also involved in to support new Hybrid technology for the future application development.

iPhone App Development: market of iPhone App is very positive and in coming days it will grow more as it is the pioneer of revolution. It requires well-balanced combination functionality, stability, and operability. We at ADV SOFT LLC equipped with our highly skilled software engineers who will design and develop an Application according to your requirements.

iPad App Development: iPads are mostly used for the business purpose for the handy presentation and many things hence iPad application are in need and it can be a target audience. We have skilled iPad App developers who can design and develop apps according to the requirement of clients with all kind of functions and features which they need.

Android App Development: the current hi-tech world is full of android apps and everybody is using apps designed and developed on Android platform. Clients can have their own App based on Android with many functions. We ADV SOFT LLC a leading Android app development company which is working for the clients around the world and delivered the world class projects. Our team is equipped with skilled and trained Android designer and developer to support the client’s requirements with latest versions of Android i.e. Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat and the latest one Android “O” 8.0 etc.

Windows App Development: it seems amazing that Windows apps are still in demand as the current hi-tech world tilted towards Android or iOS X platform. Most of the users use iOS X or Android platform based application. Our target audience is not only elite class but common users too; hence we have a team for the development of Windows app.