Printer is a peripheral device which is used to print whatever you want, it’s a device which enables you to present your data in physical form on papers. Would you ever imagine your work without printer? Answer is NO. Printer is essential part of computing process which has a wide range of application. Such a useful invention, catering our needs, making our work efficient, organized and simplified. But some time’s such inventions suffer from some functionality error’s which can be a huge pain for a user. Here to resolve your wide range of issues, ADV Soft LLC provides you a technically advanced, fast and prompt assistance to all your printer related functional issues. Our technical experts are available 24*7*365 to help you with your wide range of problem’s regarding your printer. Just give us a call on our toll free number +1800-808-0051 and get yourself a hassle free technical assistance.



  • Printer set up/installation.
  • Printer configuration.
  • Issues related to connecting your printer with your computer.
  • Troubleshooting printer related issues.
  • Wireless printer connection issues.
  • Assistance in installation of network printer with multi computers.

ADV Soft LLC support staff is highly qualified, technically advanced and dedicated towards customer’s utmost satisfaction. If you are facing any substantial issues regarding your printer, we can provide you the best available support service with competitive price. For all your queries feel free to call us on our toll free no. +1800-808-0051. We will be glad to have an opportunity to serve you and assist you with your issues.

ADV Soft LLC is not liable /responsible in any court of law, in any circumstances, if customer entertain any fraud calls.  ADV Soft LLC never call customers randomly and never ask for any kind of refunds or any such other payments. We suggest all our customer to report or confirm all such incidence from our toll free no. +1800-808-0051. We never call and ask for any payment from our existing customer. Please do not share your financial information with anyone who pretends to be an ADV Soft LLC employee.