We provide a 30 days refund / money back guarantee to all the customers with following terms and conditions.

• 100% refund will be provided if claimed within 30 days of service activation
• The refund policy is not applicable for One Time Fix subscriptions or Incidental Care.
• If claimed after 30 days, refund and termination will be provided based on services provided in the past.

Customer responsibility while signing up with Advsoft.US services, you agree that you will:

Cooperate with the Adv Soft LLC executives. Most of the concerns can be resolved with cooperation between customer and the technician. Kindly pay attention carefully to the details & information provided by technician.

Software/Data Backup:

You understand and agree that AdvSoft LLC shall under no circumstance be liable for any data loss or corrupted software or missing data. AdvSoft LLC strongly recommends customers to maintain their data and software backup to ensure safety and recovery of their personal data in case of data loss.

Customers are completely and entirely responsible/liable for any and all activities that occur under their account. You agree to inform AdvSoft LLC as soon as possible of any unauthorized activity or use of your device(s) or any other security breach. AdvSoft LLC will not be liable for any loss that may incur as a result of someone else using customer’s account, username & password, either with or without your knowledge of the customer.

In any circumstances AdvSoft LLC will not be liable /responsible in any court of law, if the customer entertains any fraud calls. AdvSoft LLC never calls its customers for anything except one confirmation call done after 7 days of subscribing to the services. And never ask for any kind of confidential details like username and passwords, payment details or any such other details. If any such incidents occur, we request all our customers to call us on our toll free on +1-833-808-0051 / 1-866-537-8008 to report the same.

Please do not share your financial information with anyone who pretends to be an AdvSoft LLC employee.