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Alrighty Instagram user! Exciting posts? Tick! Getting interactions? Tick! Increasing followers? Tick! SEO-ready IG Account? Forgot… Uh-oh? If your Instagram account ain’t ready for SEO, then this could be the reason why you feel your brand is lagging behind. But, don’t frown. We’ve got you covered.  

Before we begin, here’s an insight into the methods in which Instagram is powered by SEO. Instagram has always been supported by SEO. People have used keywords to find other Instagram profiles as and when those accounts were inclusive of keywords in their names, username, bio or hashtags. This is just tip of the iceberg. Find the most important information below.

  1. Customizing the Instagram Profile


Optimizing your Instagram profile can turn your visitors into followers. That’s because SEO makes all your content-stories, posts, videos and photos more searchable. In order to make that happen, you must optimize your IG profile. Here’s how:


  1. Easy-to-search username

Your username should be easily searchable because this is the first thing Instagram will research against your keywords. Please ensure that you keep a simple name comprising a suitable keyword related to your product category or brand. Do not use symbols as that can perplex the audience.  

  1. Use business keyword in username

Try to use the relevant keyword that matches your brand if possible. There may be instances where your brand name cannot contain any suitable keyword, for some reason. You can try to expand the your username on Instagram and also use some more relevant terms alongside the brand name.  

  1. Write a trackable link in bio

By doing this, you can track the engagement stats on your profile. Isn’t it interesting?


  1.  Making use of right keywords

This popular social media platform is always about using the relevant keywords throughout your IG account.  Here you’ll find options about where to include several terms Instagram users may type into the search box.  The most popular places to use keywords on Instagram are: Captions, bio and hashtags.  

  1. Using keywords in the Instagram bio


The primary targeted keyword is a phrase which is used to explain your business. Therefore, it should be used in your company name. It is a scheduling tool.

This is not the term to be optimized in your profile.

The most suitable place to use those secondary keywords goes right into your bio- space which is apt for describing your brand category or business the most. This has been elaborated above.   

Secondary keywords are phrases which go hand in hand with your primary keyword. That’s because they expand the connotation of the primary keyword. It elaborates more about the product and the brand



  1. Including keywords in the caption


Penning down creative Instagram captions is no less artistic. Your captions can be taken forward to ensure your brand’s content features on Instagram’s search results.

You post content related to your service or product, so you need to strengthen the caption with secondary keywords.

Just in case you want to promote your content, use keywords relating to its primary keyword.


  1. Using keywords in hashtags

Hashtags are used to include keywords which are related to your content. This enables you to optimize your social media posts and put extra search-optimized keywords with no need of explaining the caption unnecessarily. The best part about optimizing hashtags for SEO is that you can use keywords or terms which cannot be fitted into a caption.

  1. Including keywords in Image Alt Tags


Using Image Alt Tags for keywords makes your photos, blogs or content easily searchable. People can find your content through the images. It also helps visually impaired people.


Even though Instagram’s SEO potential may not be too high-end, they will still be instrumental in making your brand and content get featured and bring you desired fame on the internet. Have a great time optimizing your Instagram account.

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